The Family Preparedness Expo is a “Virtual” Emergency Preparedness Expo open 365 - 24/7. We offer our audience (Patriots) (Militia) (Doomsday Crews) (Pirate “Radio” Broadcasting) (Prepper Colonies) (Flashprepper) (Doomsday Preppers) (Outlaw Paramilitary Groups) (Survivalist) (Revolutionist) (Law Enforcement) (Military) the best products in emergency preparedness. We have the world’s best speakers available for any event, expo, seminar, or training class. Our vendors are unmatched in their industry. We offer classes and training in emergency family preparedness. We have listings of upcoming events, expos, seminars and training classes. Our book/magazine publishers have the best information on the market today. Super Storms, Identity Theft, Disasters, Political Unrest, Riots, Terrorism, Solar Storms, EMP's, Natural Disasters, Roaming Blackouts, Pandemics, Cyber Warfare, Fires, Floods, Blizzards, Ice storms, Earthquakes, Tornado's, Shelter in Place and many more reasons to prepare. For more information on what our Preparedness Leaders can do for you contact

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